Encounters with God
God given visions, dreams and other spiritual encounters experienced in the life of Rev. Louise Haney.

Dividing Line in the world
The first time I knew that God was talking to me was when I was very young and was having the same dream over and over. I was not more than 5 years old when they started and have continued all my life. In the dream I saw the circle of the world with a line drawn down the middle. In the dream God tells me that during my lifetime people would have to decide which side of the line they would be on. He said many were trying to balance between the two, but they must choose to follow Him or they would automatically have chosen Satan and his ways. They can not balance on the top of the line.

A vision of reassurance during a critical time in life
The next vision that I remember having was when I was 12 years old. My brother Jay, who was 2 years older than me, was my prayer partner since our home at that time was not living for God. We had planned that when we grew up we would be missionaries. He and I were so close we did everything together we sang duets in churches in our area and never missed a service at our church. We even made another commitment to God together just a few days before he was killed in a horrible accident.

My world had collapsed. I fled to the Word of God. I read completely through the Bible that year. One night after much prayer, I had a night vision and God told me that He would prove to me that Jay was with Him and that everything was OK and I was not to ever worry again about him. He said if I would look at a certain place in the church the next day, I would see Jay and that would be the sign that he was safe with God. When I went to church I hesitated to look thinking it had been just my imagination. When I got the courage up and looked, sure enough he was there. I looked for the longest time and he was smiling back at me. I looked away and when I looked back he was gone.

A 2nd vision of reassurance
By the time I was 22 years old, I had married and had just delivered our 4th child. Several weeks before the birth of our 4th child, I had another night vision and my son Jerry, (the new baby) was pulling a red wagon with Jesus in the wagon. Jesus revealed to me that I would not be able to raise this son. He took him home to be with Him.

The receiving of the call and anointing to pen the Love The Lord Bible Studies
About 1970 I started having glimpses of Heavenly things. When I touched the outside of my Bible, the Holy Spirit would quickly flow through me. When I opened it and read, it seemed every Scripture contained the Right Hand of God. A few months after all of this started happening, I had another night vision of being in a large room with a large group of women. We were holding hands and praying when all of the sudden we dropped our hands and I through mine up in the air, worshipping God and crying out Abba over and over again. I suddenly saw the Right Hand of God with his pointing finger out and He touched me in the center of my forehead. It then seemed as if I floated high up in the air. For weeks on end, someone could have even spit on me and I would not have noticed. (I believe God put the understanding of His Word in my mind).

God deals with my fear of ministering
I went to church early one Sunday morning to take a tithe we had promised God. The church was swamped with people. I was very tired and thought I would just ease out and come when it was not so crowded. A close friend who was chairman of the board saw me and told me someone had just left and my favorite place was open (the next seat to the back).

A lady from Dallas came to the platform to sing and before she got to the second verse, she said we needed to pray. I do not remember who prayed, but when I shut my eyes I saw the Star of David and it seemed as though a thousand diamonds were twinkling behind the star. A voice spoke to me in my right ear and instructed me to pray for the person behind me. I was so shy I could not do it. I started having a conversation with this voice. I tried to tell Him that He knew how shy I was and knew how difficult this was for me.

When the prayer ended, the same lady came back to the microphone and began to sing again. At the very same spot in the song she stopped and said,

"someone in the congregation needs to come to the altar."

I knew it was me. I started speaking again to this voice telling Him that He knew I was saved and I did too and there was no need for me to go down through all these people to the altar. Many came and were prayed for. When this was over, the lady who was to speak that day came to the microphone and said,

"there is a lady in the congregation who is having an argument with Almighty God. She should step to the aisle and humble herself before God."

I got there as quickly as I could and this same lady, who I had never met, just moments later put her hand on my head and said,
"Louise, you know what God wants you to do, now do it."

I finally told God I would, but He would have to help me. I looked up and saw a lady in a wheelchair who looked as if she was just moments away from death. My heart jumped inside of me and I said,

"Lord I do not know what to say to her."

Then voice came back in my right ear. He told me not to pray for her healing. He wanted me to let her know how very much He loved her and had appreciated her suffering for Him.

There was much else He had me say to her, but the only thing I can tell here is that she should have no fear of death.That He would come and take her by the hand and lead her to Heaven. I was so taken up with the Spirit, that I do not remember any of the rest of the service.

It was several minutes after everyone but me had left the church, that I was even able to stand. I started to shake hands with the greeter at the door and I found myself across the room. I was so filled with the Spirit I could just barley walk. After I got my composure in the car, I went home and told my husband what had happened and we both cried all afternoon. Soon after, we found that the lady I prayed with died the next day. I often contemplate how badly I would have felt, had I not prayed for her.

Answer to my prayer for my family
I was in the middle of writing a little book called God Said Let There Be Light when my next vision occurred. The interdenominational church that we attended back in the 1970’s many times did not end their evening services until midnight. On one particular night there was a modern day prophet that brought the message. I am not one to seek prayer in this particular area unless God leads me to go forward and let someone pray for me and give me a message from God.

Around midnight the service was still going strong. I had to go to work the next day and I was pretty tired so I thought I would go home early. I went around the back to explain to my friend who was singing in the choir why I was leaving before it was over. I was about as far back in the church corridor as I could get waiting for her. I leaned against the wall to rest and a very large man pulling on a full length leather coat came out the choir door. He looked at me and said, “the Lord has heard your prayer." "He will save you and your entire family.” (no one but God and I knew that I had been bombarding Heaven with prayers for my family). He told me to read Isaiah 4:5. He ran to the front of the Church trying to catch a plane to California. When he got to the end of the hall, he turned and ran back to me and repeated the words he had said. He then asked me if I had a pencil. I told him I didn't. He said again, “do not forget God’s message to you” and he repeated the message again along with the scripture. He turned and ran to catch the plane and I never saw him again. What a promise God saved my family.

Encounters with God (The Light)
About 6 weeks later I was in the church praying with my hands palm upward praising God. Suddenly a heavy weight was placed in my Right Hand by a heavenly being. The weight was so heavy my hand went all the way to the floor. With all my power I was unable to lift my right hand for almost 30 minutes. When I arrived home and told my son what had happened he said, “mother; God has a special task for you to do.” “Don't turn away and he will reveal to you what it is." I had just finished writing a small book called (The Right Hand Of God) and had begun to write (God Said Let There Be Light). My husband’s mother and my mother both lived with us and my mother had Alzheimer’s. Before I went to bed I would go by my mother’s room and pray with her so that she would be peaceful through the night. My husband had already gone to bed and was sound asleep I sat on the end of the bed, said a little prayer and began to change for bed.

Suddenly I was somewhere else. I was prostrate with my face buried in something extremely soft, like thick carpet. My arms were over my head and my hands were together in obedience and fear of God. I heard the Voice of God and He spoke to me for a very long time. Whatever it was that God told me, it frightened me greatly. I remember feeling uncapable within myself to take on the mighty task He was commissioning me to do.(Looking back, I believe He had given me the task of penning the Love The Lord Bible studies).

I laid there, not daring to raise my head when all of the sudden there was a presence of light that penetrated my skin. It was not oppressive, but quite the opposite. It filled me with an extreme assurance that He was with me. He said "get on with it," "time is running out." He allowed me to forget many of the details that He spoke to me at that time. Through the years He has brought things to my rememberance that He told me when I was in His presence.

Sometime later, I found myself sitting on the end of my bed, not knowing where I had been and afraid to tell anyone of the experience.

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